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DK63 11-13-2010 07:14 PM

Syncing address book with Outlook
I currently have an 8110 from work, with all my work related phone numbers on it. I'm trying to synchronise the address book with Outlook 2007, and failing miserably. I have installed the latest version of the desktop software, and followed instructions on how to set it up, found elsewhere. However, every time I try to sync, I get an error message saying "Please choose what to synchronise: organiser data, add-ins, date and time." I currently have the calendar, memopad, address book and tasks selected in the organiser tab.
If I select 'sync all' from the main menu, I get a box pop up saying 'Summary - organiser data: completed', but there's nothing in Outlook.
A google search keeps bringing up the suggestion to turn off wireless sync'ing, but I can find nothing about that on the phone itself. Can someone tell me why it's not working before I throw the thing out the window please! :cry:

DK63 11-16-2010 05:53 PM

Re: Syncing address book with Outlook
Well. For info. Gave up. No help here, so copied all the numbers I needed to the sim, put the sim in a SonyEriccson instead. SE software linked with Outlook immediately, up and running in 5 mins.
Moral: SE software far better than the BB. (y)

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