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AverageWhiteBloke 07-15-2011 05:45 AM

Application Loader Has to Close
I am having problems with my 8100. It started off when my BB app store icon went missing. Checking installed applications it was in the list so I un-installed it and re-installed using the phone.
Then every time I boot the phone I get a java out of memory error! So, I decided to connect the phone to the application loader and wipe out anything on the phone I didn't need app wise but every time I use either the Desktop software or application loader it crashes and I get error box "application loader has encountered an error and needs to close" After searching this forum and others I came across un-installing Desktop software and the application loader. Doing some hard re boots of the pc and a registry clean and then re-installing DS/application loader in that order but same thing.

Current situation is the phone is recognised in DS but if I click on applications it crashes app loader. If I run the app loader itself that crashes. I have tried updating the phone using DS but that crashes app loader, I also tried re-installing the phones OS but that does the same thing. It would appear that everything I do with the phone needs the app loader which crashes on every occasion! :x

I am using version os on the phone, I have noticed however that when I look for versions to install on the DS that the only version available is still bot it says (downgrade) not sure if this has a bearing on it. Possibly due to me downloading the app loader specifically for o2 uk which I'm not sure I did first time round.

I guess I'm trying to say HELP!:smile:

I use 2 BB, a 9800 torch and this 8100 and sync from one to the other if this is a problem using two phones on one DS, I can't imagine it is as you can swap devices in the interface.

rambo47 07-15-2011 10:57 AM

Re: Application Loader Has to Close
How much free memory does your phone have? Once free memory gets below about 12MB you're going to have problems.

The application loader problem sounds like a pc problem, not a BlackBerry problem.

AverageWhiteBloke 07-15-2011 11:13 AM

Re: Application Loader Has to Close
Bit of an Update. After spending just about all day trying to sort this out I have come up with some conclusions. Firstly it's the latest version of App World that is causing the out of memory error. After install it comes up on the next boot, it doesnt show up in applications to delete it so the only way I could find of clearing it out was to have to re-load the OS which is a bit of a joke considering how long it takes.
To get rid of the Application Loader error I had to un-install The application software as well as Desktop Software and delete the RIM folder. After re-installing the App loader it worked and I could re-install the OS from fresh. As soon as I installed The latest Desktop Software all the App loader problems came back.
Managed to get most things running again although buttons don't seem to work immediately for some reason now :x

Can I just say this is my second BB, I also have a torch which I rarely have problems with. So far I have never came across something as bewildering to set up and use as a blackberry.
Why don't RIM just unify things? There a umpteen different ways of updating and installing apps and software that have you going round in circles for ages and some don't work depending on what you have previously installed. At times I feel like I'm dealing with a phone that's still in experimental stage and the maker hasn't quite got their act together yet.
Not what I expected of a big player like RIM. Maybe it's just because I'm using an old phone that isn't as important to their software development any more I dunno.

Finding answers to questions is not easy, I have trawled through page after page all day and never once came up with a definitive answer. It's as if the BB owners are more responsible for keeping them running than BB themselves.

Had a really bad day!

AverageWhiteBloke 07-15-2011 11:17 AM

Re: Application Loader Has to Close
File free 23763796 Bytes but that's after removing everything. I don't need many apps just facebook, docs to go but I need the one that opens spreadsheets and I had BB messenger and was trying to install BB store. Surely only those 4 apps in not even to use all the memory?

AverageWhiteBloke 07-19-2011 12:08 PM

Re: Application Loader Has to Close
Ok has time to look at this a bit more methodically and browse the forum a bit :smile:
It would appear that the java out of memory error I get is down to installing app world onto the phone, once I delete it I'm back to normal. The phone although I'm aware only has 64mb and quite old has no other third party apps just facebook on and I have deleted everything from the original OS install that I don't need as well as some other memory saving tweaks.

There must be a bug some where along the lines with the latest version of app store and my 4.5 OS. That causes me all kinds of problems, firstly once I un-install app world the phone also no longer works with the browser the phone is not recognised. That means I can no longer get any apps from anywhere (n)

The second problem I have is that applications section doesn't work in DS6 and the app loader stops working and has to close once DS6 in installed on the computer. I can however still sync my contacts etc data so this is no big problem unless I need to re-install the OS on the 8100.

The only way I can re-install the OS is to un-install both DS6 and the app loader, delete the RIM folder and re-install the app loader. Once DS6 is back on everything stops working. The problem here being if I un-install DS6 it also takes away all my settings for the 9800.

I would appreciate any honourable comments or ideas.

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