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itsrnike 12-10-2006 12:34 AM

Maps Application
Since not getting the blackberry data service, does anyone know if the Maps application runs off of a data line or not? Because on the phone it says like the Data Connection Refused, which is good, but the Maps program works. I don't want to be spending a lot of cash on data if I didn't buy a plan.

admartinezjr 12-10-2006 12:48 AM

I think the Maps application is installed on your device and does not use data. Anyone else want to chime in on this? Is this a correct assumption?

srotman 12-10-2006 07:16 AM

nope. the maps program DOES run off a data connection.

no maps are cached in the pearl on arrival that i know of. i know that if you do use the pearl to browse for maps it will cache a bit of them. you say that you dont have a data plan, but did you have one before when you first got the pearl and you used the bbmaps program then?

one last solution. when i first received my pearl i didnt have a bbdata plan either. in fact i even had my carrier ban all data usage for me because i used to accidentally open the mobile browser on my previous phone. but for SOME REASON when i first got the pearl i opened the bbmaps application and it worked! i couldnt browse the net or get email because, as i mentioned, i didnt have a BB data plan. BUT bbmaps worked. maybe bb enabled it in such a fashion that it will work off your standard pay-as-you-go edge/gprs connection, not needing BIS or BES. and as a result your bbmaps worked and you will be charged by your carrier for the data on a pay-as-you-go rate.

id check with your carrier. because it MUST be using data to get the maps.

admartinezjr 12-10-2006 12:35 PM

Srotman,thanks for the reply. I was not sure and now I know that it does run off of data. I have a data plan so I hope the original poster reads this.

itsrnike 12-10-2006 10:52 PM

Well it turns out it DOES officially require data.

I went to the cingular store, found out I have to pay $12 for data charges.

I suppose even though I told them to not give me a BB data plan, that doesn't mean turning off other data accesible things. So they turned off the whole data I guess. Heads up to all who doesn't have data plans.

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