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Pearlywhite 12-29-2006 06:39 AM

passcode error-Bluetooth phone transfer of address book to BB Pearl
Hi, I am new to Blackberry Pearl. I am trying to transfer my address book from Sony Ericsson T610 (T-mobile) to the Cingular BB Pearl. I do the send all addresses from T610 to the Pearl. The Pearl asks for the T610 passcode. The T610 has a simple passcode which I enter in the Pearl. However, when asked to enter the Pearl passcode in the T610, even though I enter it, I get an error message. Is this because of Suretype letters that the T610 does not recognize, that the passcode does not work? I remember selecting all alphabets for the code. How do I change this passcode on the Pearl? What am I doing wrong here?

John Clark 12-29-2006 11:18 AM

Welcome to the forums...In the past I've used the passcode 0000 and it seems to work for the 8100. Just make sure you are holding down the alt key. The address book transfer is not an option for the Pearl anyway so don't bother. The only address book transfer is from the Pearl to a bluetooth headset device like a car that supports address books.

You can, however, transfer media files (pics and small mp3's, etc.) that way. Just remember when transferring to the BB you have to go to the folder you want to receive a file to (pictures/ringtones/etc) and select receive via bluetooth then send from the other phone. You have to do this for each file. It's a little cumbersome but works.

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