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laurentio 05-13-2007 12:33 PM

spam filter applied = email problem / not showing anymore
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1st of all, I'm in UK, having O2 as provider.

The problem i face is very strange: after spending three hours on the phone with O2 bberry support regarding the spam emails i have been told that in O2 case there is a sort of online solution. accessing the O2 account
( BlackBerry Internet Service ) i should be able to setup some filters. actually, they have 3 kind of filters that applies to:

1) FROM field
2) SUBJECT field
3) TO field
4) CC field.

As you can se there's no filter for BODY. Nothing to filter the content of the email.

Why am i asking for that?

Because the spam (in my case at least) never arrives from the same email so the 1st filter is of no use.

Because there are spam emails without subject so the 2nd filter is of very low help.

TO field. i can't see the reason of having this filter in place only if you have multiple emails and feel like you would like to temporary disable one of these emails addresses from receiving mails.

So, a BODY filter is imperious necessary as the xxxxxx, cialis, loan, mortgage, etc. words are always present.

I then got (again) in touch with O2 bberries support team and explained them all the above. Shame...nobody knows why there's no body filter and even the manager was avoiding the question.

Have finally decided to try using the 2nd filter: SUBJECT.

I Have input some of the key words like cialis, xxxxxx, sex, etc.

Now, i face two problems:

A) the amount of spam is much higher than before!!! including even the filtered words. I just got an email while i am writing this thread with the subject "free xxxxxx and cialis for you"

B) the emails doesn't show anymore under the email icon on my blackberry. I have split the icons on my bberry screen. an icon for SMS, an icon for emails and an icon for messages - this one is the one that receives them all(SMS, emails, messenger conversations, etc) now, no more emails under my email icon. they are all delivered (shown) under my Messages icon. Spam, non spam, they all go there.

I have called bberry support team once again. They have no idea of what's wrong and apparently they are going to have a look at this issue and call me back. (...right, have been told this so many times before)

Any idea, help...anything would be much, much appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

rivviepop 05-13-2007 12:45 PM

You haven't mentioned -- is this your BIS email address, i.e. the one that has something like as part of it?

The first email address that I got for mine got nothing but spammed, it was useless the first day I had it and there's no spam filtering. Instead, what I did was (a) choose a random one that didn't have spam (worked so far! \"[email, e.g.), then (b) set up an email address and use that instead as my "blackberry email" via BIS.

At least (b) allows me to have better spam control (yahoo's isn't the best, but hey - it's something) and for whatever reason T-Mobile USA + is extremely well performing, notification is instant and so forth. I still use GMail, but it doesn't seem to work as well as the Yahoo one.

(I also use that one now with their SMS alerts, like hockey scores 'n stuff being sent to me)

rivviepop 05-13-2007 01:47 PM

OK you posted pics while I was replying (heh) (PS: 2nd one still has your email address).

So since this isn't your O2 BIS address, why don't you do filtering and spam stuff at the provider level, where that email comes in the door? Why try and use the O2 BIS webpage for filtering out SPAM?

laurentio 05-13-2007 02:12 PM

Rivviepop, you're a diamond!
Thank you so much for your post. How come i've never thought of that? Smap filtering at the provider level. Magic. 8-)
Once again, thank you very much!(y)

Now, back to the icon thingy. Any reason for doing that? (not posting emails under email icon anymore)

p.s. thanks for the photo signal. have covered he address now.

rivviepop 05-13-2007 02:22 PM

regarding icons: if I understand correctly what you are saying, the 'Messages' icon on 4.2.0.x OS versions for the Pearl don't allow separating them (SMS & email), they're always combined. Under the 4.2.1.x OSes floating around, it's possible to separate the two out into distinct buckets.

Is that what you meant?

laurentio 05-13-2007 02:29 PM

ok. i have the latest OS, just udated 2 days ago. i do have these three icons.

A) one of them is the email icon (with my email address as the name under the icon)

B) second, the SMS and MMS icon.

C) third, the Messages icon. (probably, for all kind of conversations)

So far, when i was receiving emails they were shown under the email icon and under Messages icon.

Recently (started last nigh) the emails are not shown under the email icon. when i receive an email i can see it only under the Messages icon.

laurentio 05-13-2007 05:09 PM

could it be something to do with the new OS?
how do you perform a re-install?
or at least a downgrade?

laurentio 05-18-2007 01:58 AM

i have got it sorted now. the icons are fine and the spam was bad config. anyone in uk, o2, give us a buzz for detailed instructions on spam setup that would save you hours and hours on the phone with bberry uk support.

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