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kevin714 05-22-2007 01:55 AM

Dropped my phone in water and
Hi i dropped my phone it water and it still works but i wanna get a new one because it doesnt work all that well..... I took off the indicator sticker thing that said i dropped it in water.. since they will have no proof that it was dropped in water think they will give me a new one?

John Clark 05-22-2007 01:58 AM

Remove the battery and let the phone dry out for about 5 days. If you can get it apart to speed up the drying process, all the better. Once it's apart as far as you can get it set it on your TV or stereo or somewhere that stays warm. Then put it back together after it thorughly dries. Water doesn't damage the phone. Water AND electricity damages the phone.

You've removed the liquid indicator so your warranty is void anyway. They can tell the device has been wet anyway. You won't get a new one under warranty.

sgtcasey 05-22-2007 02:22 AM

It's been my understanding that there are additional liquid damage indicators inside devices as well.


flash24 05-22-2007 03:18 AM


Originally Posted by sgtcasey (Post 543021)
It's been my understanding that there are additional liquid damage indicators inside devices as well.


I don't think it does.. because when I had my bb replaced, the water indicator was pink so i had to get another water indicator sticker from one of my other cellphone and replaced it. Tmobile accepted it and it they didn't charge me for it.

sgtcasey 05-22-2007 03:40 AM

I know this has been discussed here before (I read the thread somewhere...) but I've heard an LDI can turn pink if exposed to high humidity like in a bathroom while taking a hot shower and no ventilation.

I'd have to check the exact policy at work, but a pink LDI does not automatically exclude a device from a warranty exchange. Red does, but pink doesn't to my knowledge. But again, I'd have to check to be 100% sure since I've never had to deal with anyone who said it was pink. :)


ROBERTDAWG014 05-22-2007 10:56 PM

i dropped my old phone in the water once and i took out the battery and tapped it to the side of the dryer and let it spin for a while. when i took it out popped the battery in and it worked.. kinda the volume bottons didn't work but everything else was fine.

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