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we.fl 06-13-2007 09:54 AM

Help with issues
I have had my 8100 for a few months now, I upgraded from the 7100. But I seem to be having 3 issues that I cannot locate anyone having trouble with:
  1. I have to keep removing the battery because I am unable to receive calls or sms. The signal looks fine. This doesn't happen all the time but can't find a similar reason why it does.
  2. When I close out of Password Keeper it keeps me in Multi-Tap mode when I was in Sure-Type before. I have to Enable it again.
  3. If I receive a message and my phone is in my holster when I unlock the phone it goes straight into the message for me to read. But the message shows on my Today Theme as Unread. I have to go back into and mark as Unopened then Opened and it is fine.
Has anyone been having these issues or know how to correct?

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