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laurentio 06-28-2007 07:46 AM

Missed/answered known call turns into unknown call.
hello everyone,

I have notice something very strange on my bberry pearl. has nothing to do with the latest OS as it was doing that before but I wasn’t sure.
last night we went out, me and a mate. he's got the same bberry model, the pearl. discussing about what's good and bad on a pearl he said that sometimes, his bberry pearl rings and he can actually see a number. a normal landline or mobile number on the screen. if he takes the call apparently the caller puts the phone down. when he checks the call log it shows that he had a call from an unknown number. even if he doesn't take the call after a while, longer than usual, the phone stop ringing, if he goes to call log he can see a missed call from again, an unknown number. So it looks like the phone is changing these numbers into unknown.

same with me/my numbers. just that I always take the calls and always the connection get's cut(because I take the call). the result? unknown caller. for a while I was so obsessed that I have started writing the numbers down and called them back. strange is that if I call back one of these numbers the operator tells me that the number doesn’t exist?!! how is that possible???

can anyone explain this?

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