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Jaybop 08-24-2007 05:40 PM

Media Player Bugs in Firmware > .64
I've been holding off from upgrading to the latest TMO firmware for some time now and I hoped that RIM would've resolved this issue by now.. but maybe they just aren't aware of it.

Now we all know that all these new BlackBerry's are reaching out to the personal user as well.. having the Media Playback support (Video & Audio), etc. So these bugs absolutely must be addressed.

The behavior in is as follows:

Environment: Media Player in use for Audio Playback and a Call is Received
  1. Audio track is paused (time elapsed is shown)
  2. Ringer sounds through speaker instead of earpiece (call ignored)
  3. Audio track restarts from start of song instead of resume
In version .64, when a call was received and ignored, the track never paused and the track immediately resumed after the ringing stopped. If the call was answered and later ended, the tracked resumed from where it was paused.

Environment: Media Player in use for Audio Playback and an Email/SMS is Received
  1. Audio track is paused (time elapsed is shown)
  2. Ringer sounds through speaker instead of earpiece
  3. Audio track remains paused and does not restart or resume
In version .64, when an email was received, the track never paused and you received the sound (or vibrate) notification allowing you to Alt-Esc to the Message screen.

I'm sure similar behaviors can be observed when playing Video and an event (call, email, etc) is received. Does anyone know if there any way I can forward these issues to RIM QA?

Or maybe my best bet is to just ditch the BlackBerry Media Player and use the Dollars5 player.. Not sure how this application handles incoming events.

Jaybop 08-24-2007 07:01 PM

Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry8100/4.2.1 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/100)

Well, it seems that the same behavior can be observed when using Dollars5's mediaPlayer as well. :(

b_d0za 08-24-2007 08:47 PM

I don't see an issue with mine.

It does the same thing with .107 as it did with .64:

The music pauses and the phone starts to ring. If I answer it and hang up later or just simply ignore it the music starts playing from right where it left off.

As for the email, I don't have a data plan so I don't know about that issue.

Jaybop 08-24-2007 08:54 PM

See, mine only acts properly if I pickup the phone when a call comes in. The music will resume right after I hang up.. but if I don't answer, the music restarts from the beginning.

I def haven't seen any user-editable settings that would give me options to change this behavior either. :-(

ajs3898 08-25-2007 01:27 AM

yea this started when .101 came out. i noticed i couldnt listen to music and take pictures at the same time. when i was on .64 i was able to listen without the music pausing when i went to take a picture...kinda disappointing but ill still take that disappointment over the 5 second call lag any day.

Jaybop 08-27-2007 08:40 PM


Well, that was easy.. called TMO and they were able to reproduce the behavior, so they called RIM, gave me a case #, and talked to someone who checked the Requirements documentation. He wasn't sure why my device was doing what I described so..

.. he walked me through a firmware re-installation (manual backup, erased all applications [via Desktop Manager], then loaded .107 again). Worked like a charm!

This also fixed the problem I was having where ringers [for data events only!] would not come through the earpiece and they'd also stop the music. Now the music still plays and the ringer plays simultaneously. Woo hoo!

Alas, not a perfect score though.. the ringer still plays through the handset speaker when a call comes in. I'd at least like it to play both places (earpiece & speaker). So many times I'll be walking down the loud street and won't hear my ringer cuz it's not coming through the earpiece. :-(

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