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mr-o 09-21-2007 03:37 PM

New owner, on O2-UK, some problems & n00b questions!
Hi everyone - I've just got my first Blackberry and although I'm very confident and proficient at sorting out hidden settings and things, I'm having some problems and have some questions. Please forgive me if they've been asked before - I've had a look around but not seen these.

I'm on O2 in the UK. I've got their Online Texter deal so 400 minutes, 1000 texts, plus I've signed up for the Unlimited Data plan for Blackberry. I did all this on the phone yesterday and the Pearl arrived today, which was quick!

I'm also on a Mac, so I've not touched the CD that came with the phone (although I could BootCamp into Windows and use it if I need to). I've got PocketMac and synced over my contacts but I'm not going to bother with the calendar - I never have on either my phones or my Macs in the past.


1) It would seem my 'Unlimited Data' plan hasn't started yet because I see 'Data connection refused' at the top of my screen. However, I though all phones on O2 were allowed to access the web using GPRS on O2MobileWeb? Can Blackberrys only access web stuff if the data plan is turned on?

2) The browser isn't even visible on the icon menus. I've tried taking the battery out, and there aren't any books or anything I can have sent, it seems. I can get to it if I use 'Switch Application' but it won't work because:

Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries. Please contact your service provider to enable the Browser.
I've contacted O2 and they said that the Unlimited Data package doesn't seem to turned on yet and they're going to try to have it put on tomorrow.

I've also been to the website to try to send 'Books' to the phone but nothing's happened yet.

3) I presume this is also why nothing I've done to try and have email sent to my phone from my Gmail account has worked as yet?

4) Are all those apps in the 'Switch App' menu things I have running concurrently? How can I completely shut each one down, if so?

5) As I can't surf anywhere to collect any apps such as Opera, I tried downloading the bits you need to install them via PocketMac. However, when I installed the OperaMini 4 Beta, it seemed to go over successfully and is in the Apps list buried in the phone settings, but I can't actually see it anywhere in the icons. Is this because the phone knows it can't be used yet, or is it suffering the same problem as the basic Blackberry Browser?

Many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can make.


John Clark 09-21-2007 03:44 PM

You need the data plan for all that. Everything will come together when you get the data plan.

The apps in the "switch app" are what you have running. 5 of them can't be terminated.

mr-o 09-21-2007 03:54 PM

Great, that's what I wanted to hear. I shall await!

A few other little questions:

1) which ones can't be shut down, and how do I quickly quit the others, ideally from the menu itself?

2) I've opted to have seperate SMS and email displays - in the SMS one I've hidden all my outgoing messages but I like that I can see them if I click on a 'conversation'. Is it possible to see the conversation expanded with the names of the sender of each text? I know it should be obvious but it would be nice to differentiate between them visually all the same.

3) Any reason I can't seem to send MMS messages yet (ie a picture-message)? I didn't think a data plan would be needed for that?

John Clark 09-21-2007 03:57 PM

Home Screen, Phone, BBMessenger, Browser, and Mail are the 5 that stay. All the rest can be shut down by going into the app and selecting Menu >Exit or Close. Also, the Esc key (right of trackball) will close an app. Hitting the red phone button leaves the app running in the background and takes you to the home page.

MMS requires a service book which requires a data plan.

As far as the sms issues, I can't help you as I rarely use sms.

ashleyneiltaylor 09-21-2007 04:01 PM

You may need to keep kicking O2 because their customer service sucks when it comes to Blackberry.

They send out blackberrys with Sims, not enabled and you have to phone them.
Then you get it working then you have your number ported, guess what, they turn off blackberry.
You phone them get it enabled again.
Then you get a mobex number and guess what, blackberry stops working again.

Happens all the time, never had this problem with tmobile

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