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cheschi 10-17-2008 10:26 AM

My early review re: sluggishness (fixed) and dropped calls (again!)
I read where a few people said the OS was sluggish. After setting mine up, I had serious sluggishness too. Then, it occurred to me to do a soft reset (removing battery). The sluggishness disappeared. I was beginning to like the phone.

But, today, I've made and received a few calls. I have a strong wifi signal plus a pretty good EDGE signal from home.

Suddenly, I'm back to the "dropped call" problems that I had with my original Pearl before T-mobile fixed their OS Update.

Not sure what to do. I'll give it a few days. I'm hoping this is a T-mobile-specific issue again. But, my phone will likely be returned, as I'm using it for business and can't afford to deal with the dropped call debacle again. As I'm typing this, I've received one more phone call -- dropped after about 90 seconds. SO FRUSTRATING.

Other than that, the screen is beautiful. The camera is a lot better than my 8100. The bigger keys are a very nice feature. The size is good. A drop thicker than the Pearl, though a shorter length -- does a good job fitting in my jeans pocket.

I'll update periodically. If the Dropped Call issue can get resolved -- and again, it seems like it is the same one as I had with my Pearl, which seems to be a selective T-mobile issue - this could be a nice phone for me.

dario99gst 10-21-2008 02:51 PM

What OS are you running? I am having the same problem too and it is very frustrating. Ive noticed that it only seems to happen while I'm on wifi. I think I am having issues with my wifi but that shouldn't cause a dropped call.
Isn't the transition between wifi and edge suppose to be seamless?
Any input is appreciated.

Mark_Venture 10-22-2008 07:28 AM

Removing/replacing the battery didn't solve sluggishness for me :( Then again, I'm on a BES, with IT Policy set to enable content protection...

I haven't dropped calls yet, but did initially see the signal bars varying a lot, and switching to GSM... seems more stable and consistent now.

I haven't tried UMA yet..

cheschi 10-23-2008 12:52 AM

Sorry I haven't updated this thread. Since I upgraded my phone (and the store used my same SIM Card from my 8100 in the new 8200), I went back and got a new SIM Card.

This seems to have solved the issue. No more dropped calls.

Generally, the phone is working pretty well. I have a problem that used to occasionally happen with my old 8100. I'm not sure if this ALWAYS happens, but if I receive a call while my phone is locked, I can answer it. But, if I then receive another call that I pick up on Call Waiting, I then can't seem to switch BACK to my original call -- I have to end the session and call the person back. And yes, I do know how to use the menu functions, etc. It will actually give me a message that says "operation failed." However, if my phone is unlocked (and I have made or received the FIRST call), then I have no problems with Call Waiting.

One more thing I like:
1. Toggling between Normal Ring and Vibrate (holding the # key) is MUCH faster than the 8100.

But, a new dislike:
1. When the phone is locked, I CAN'T toggle between Normal Ring and Vibrate (holding the # key). so, if I'm in a business meeting and suddenly remember my phone is on "loud," I have to first unlock the phone... then I can turn it to vibrate with the # key. With my 8100, I could still toggle between ring and vibrate with pressing the # key, whether or not the phone was locked.

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