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TheUkrainian 07-20-2009 09:48 PM

Probably getting a 8220 Flip...
My old phone (Motorolla Rizr) is about to die soon and I was at Wal-Mart and saw that the 8220 was free with a 2 year extension. I currently have a calling plan + unlimited texting.

I've heard that without the data plan, I cannot save contacts on the phone, but have to keep them on the SIM card.

Also, I had a few other question:

-Can I check e-mails if I'm using the WiFi at home or at school (or other public location) without having the data package?
-How good/bad is the speaker/speakerphone quality on it?
-I don't have fav5 so I've read that I should updtae the OS to the newest version, does it have any issues? (Remember, I don't plan on using any data features)
- How is the camera quality? (My current phone has a 2.0MP camera, but the pictues can be sub-par at times).
-Can I put individual ringtones for different contacts?
-What are your opinions on this phone?

Just trying to figure out some things before I go and buy it either tomorrow or Wednesday.

numetheus 07-20-2009 09:59 PM

Wirelessly posted

Omg are your serious? Who told you that you can't save contacts on the phone unless you have a data plan?? Only SIM?? Whoever told you that is grossly misinformed or just stupid. Lol! My son has a Pearl and has contacts on his phone without data. The only thing on his SIM are necessary numbers in case he has to switch phones.

You can check email without a bb plan if you use the gmail client or opera. Opera works over wifi. The built in browser and email will only work if you have a bb plan, but messages will still work for sms.

TheUkrainian 07-20-2009 10:02 PM

I read the contact thing on another forum, it might've been with an older OS? Gmail is my main E-mail so that's awesome.

numetheus 07-20-2009 10:05 PM

Wirelessly posted

No, even my old 7100t could save contacts locally without a data plan. I don't think that has ever been true. Possibly, someone may have a phone secured through their company BES that disallowed them from saving contacts locally. But that has nothing to do with a normal consumer phone.

BUC 07-20-2009 10:58 PM

To answer your questions...

-You CAN check emails using wifi at a hotspot... or at home...
-The speaker is quite good, the sound quality also is good, and the speakerphone is better if you change the EQ settings for calls.. (you can improve treble or bass for call quality)
-Im using the latest OS and its the best so far.... when you receive the phone you may check which version brings and see how that works, and if you like you can upgrade.
-The camera is not anything special... my major complain is the lack of color.. but under sunlight condition the pictures are pretty good... Though I use it a lot for picturing papers and i am able to read when zooming in.. so resolution is good enough
-You can put individual ringtones for each contact, at least for many... when editing them
-I really love this phone... there are things I dislike, but nothing is perfect... The 8220 has a nice screen, sturdy feeling (even though is very light)... I love it most for its mp3 playback capabilities (better than other models due to flip phone), The sound quality through the mini-jack is AWSOME...

What I dont like is:

It can be sluggish from time to time... specially if Im listening to music over bluetooth and using other applications.
The keyboard is better than many other phones, and SureType is definitely better than T9 for me... Though most people prefer full qwerty, I have not use it intensively.
The side keys can be hard to press after some time... the photo key and the other convenient key.

I understand you dont need the blackberry messenger functionality and you may be able to have a wifi connection most of the time, but the data plan give you many other functions as well. you should consider at least the smaller data plan.

TheUkrainian 07-20-2009 11:35 PM

I may get the Data plan later on in a few years (but I might not have the flip anymore :smile: ) All I use my phone is for (most used to least used): Texting, calling, music, picture taking, calendar/other tools. I really have no need for the data plan, I really don't even need to check e-mails on it (I have an iPod touch and most of my university campus is wireless so I can check it there or I have my laptop with me).

Thanks for all the answers though, sounds like a good phone despite some bad reviews on other sites. I think I'm going to like the 1or2 letters per key better than my current phone since it will be able to better predict the actual word I want instead of giving me a bunch of choices since there are 3 letters per key on normal phones. The scroll ball seems convenient too since constantly pressing down, down, down ,down to get to something took forever.

BUC 07-21-2009 01:51 PM

Well... for Texting its very good, for calling its also good with good sound quality.... for music I LOVE IT.. because is faster to search for songs/artist just start typing in the list... and you can also create Smart Playlist... and the Bluetooth capabilities are great, having full profiles... also being compatible with microSDHC up to 32GB i think.. I only have 8GB.. but its better than non removable memory (though if you have an iTouch it may seem redundant cause battery life is not that great for music).... for camera its ok. I use it but I rather use real camera if I go for a Trip or somewhere special. Calendar its so-so you do have task and appointments but its very basic... Other tools.. well the Office on the go its great to have... especially Excel which even has formulas. There are not as many applications as the iPhone/iTouch but where BB really shines is at email and messaging managing. So the email integrations is great, you can receive emails like SMS and see attachments, you can make them... You get full push notifications...

Its a great phone overall.....

I forgot to mention, the trackball is pretty good in this phone cause its a flip phone.. so it will stay cleaner than other blackberry models... At least in my experience... I have never taken it apart to clean the ball... and I cant say the same for 2 other curve models in my house....

TheUkrainian 07-21-2009 03:06 PM

I was at wal-mart today to try and get the phone (which I couldn't due to my mom being the main person on our family plan and she wasn't there), but also the person working there said I HAD to get a data plan to get the phone ("why else would you get a blackberry?" she asked) and I said no you didn't and told her that if the computer told her it had to do a data plan, that she should call T-Mobile. Going again tomorrow w/ my mom to try again.

gpmartinson 08-15-2009 11:37 AM

I have a pearl flip w/out the data plan(in fact all four of my family have that). Its good, but not perfect. Have had no luck with gmail on the phone except through a browser(the google apps all require data plans AFAIK). SMS is your friend, though. I have my email and twitter and facebook sent via SMS and can post that way too. Wifi works in some situations, but the browser experience on BB sucks.

My suggestions:
1. Yes you can get a flip w/out data
2. SMS is awesome.

BUC 08-15-2009 12:21 PM

A quick advice...

For browsing try downloading the free Opera Mini 4.2. It is waaaay better than the included browser....

Downsides are that you cant download images and files through Opera, and you wont be able to play youtube videos as you can with the Blackberry browser.... but for surfing the web, reading pages, etc. Opera its the best you can find for a BB.

stonent 08-20-2009 02:00 PM

If I need to send an e-mail, I do "Compose MMS" and send it that way. I seem to have a problem recieving the responses though.

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