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Sydman 09-04-2009 09:28 PM

Not seeing new message
I just got my wife a pearl flip and she is having a problem when she gets a new message. She opens those phone and auto goes to the message list but does not show the new message. The icon is displayed as if she has one but won't show it. She has to close it, hit the volume button to see it on the front screen and then open it to see it. It is intermittent and fairly annoying. I checked and she is up to date on the software on her phone. Sorry if this is a re-post but did some looking and didn't see any topics on this. Any suggestions would be great.

Sydman 09-09-2009 05:14 PM

To anyone who cares this problem was fixed. What was happening was then she opened the phone it was bringing up the mms inbox instead of sms that is why she was not seeing it. Was fixed by taking it off theme controlled and did them seperate.

jsconyers 02-16-2010 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by gailey78545 (Post 1565846)
try this, Upgrade your firmware to 11.0.021 and restore your device to factory settings. also dont install apps in phone memory. keep phone memory free.

Can you link me to firmware 11.0.021?

How do I restore my phone to Factory Settings?

If I am not to store apps on my phone memory, then where should I store them?

I love spammers

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