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aloo1 02-03-2010 12:04 AM

external screen question
i'm supposed to be able to use the up down buttons on the side to preview a text message on the external screen right? well when i got a text i get notified and i push them and nothing happens? i still have the original themes. haven't updated or anything b/c i got the phone only 5 days ago and it's updated completely. i don't have the data plan but that shouldn't make a difference for this option should it.

aloo1 02-03-2010 03:44 AM

ok pulled the battery and that fixed it but i've only own the phone a few days should i already be having small problems like that? when it was first turned on and loading i pushed a few buttons b/c i didn't know it took that long to start up do you think that did anything?

MidnightDraven 02-03-2010 07:05 AM

If it keeps happening, then theres a problem.
But stuff does happen and a battery pull is the first thing to do.
It should have fixed it.

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