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sandeky5 03-22-2010 10:15 PM

Help Help Help!!!!! Click Here!!!!
Hey everyone... I have the 8100 flip blackberry but im having problems with downloading stuff on their desktop manager. I downloaded some pearl games on my pc... but they downloaded as .jar files which is a java program. How do I get them on my phone or how can i somehow change .jar to the correct format of alx.? please help. =) THX.:smile:8-)(y):razz:;-):idea::bb:

Trimix 03-23-2010 12:15 AM

.jar and .jad are OTA (over the air) files. They are designed to be downloaded and installed directly to the phone. Only .alx files can be downloaded to the computer and installed via the apps loader in Blackberry desktop manager.

If you have a data program, this can be done easily. If not, you should be able to use your wifi connection and the BlackBerry browser to download and install the programs. This is how I got my programs onto my phone in the first few months when I did not have a data program.

dankarlinski 03-23-2010 06:04 AM

Wirelessly posted (White and Nerdy)

Yup. Trimix is 100% correct! You can install the JAR from your desktop if you copy both the JAR abd JAD to your memory card, browse to it, and click on the JAR. That's just a big pain tho.

Also, for future reference, the 8100 is the PEARL. The 8200 Is the PEARL FLIP. :)

Dubdub 03-23-2010 06:55 AM

Moved to appropriate section

jsconyers 03-23-2010 09:15 AM

Also, use more appropriate titles. "Help! Click Here!" doesn't let us know what your issue is. Use something like "Can't install .jar files".

Super_Mario 04-29-2010 10:39 AM

Thanks your very helps for me:smile:

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