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liderbug 04-01-2010 06:22 PM

Voice breaking up on WIFI
BB 8220, T-Mobile @Home (wrtu54g-tm). (no cell service at this location) Started about a week ago. Fully charged at 8AM and dead at 4PM - and calls breaking up and sounding tinny. New battery - no change, and "call failed" and taking forever to get UMA. TM support's answer to everything is pull the batt. out and reboot. Fixed nothing. The OS load was 4..151? so I upgraded to 180 - that improved things from being able to understand 15% to 30%.

Searching in here I found a problem that was close and the fix was to change the wireless channel on router and a couple of other things and now I'm up to understanding ... ?75% of what is coming in. It's s..ll .. .nd re....y h..d .. ......stand. Also the wife has the same 8220 and it's working fine.

Any other suggestions?

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