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jaszman 10-18-2010 09:08 PM

uncaught exception error ???
Woke up this morning, unpluged my Blackberry, opened it and the phone was off. I have learned from this website #1 Pull the battery. The phone booted up normally, but when I opened the flip it had a message window that said
I checked the OK box and the message went away. I went to work and all day I made calls, checked email, etc with no problems. The office called me on my work cell (Motorolla crap phone) and asked why I wasn't answering my Blackberry, I looked at my Blackberry and had a ton of missed calls, and when I opened the phone I went to the phone log and cleared it, as soon as I did this the following message box appeared
index 4>=4
I test called my Blackberry with my work phone and the red incoming call light flashed but there was no ringing, (it was set to Normal profile, ring only) I went to Profiles, Advanced and rechecked all the correct box's and when I test called it rang as it normally would.
I guess the only problem I am still having is when I now pull the battery I still get the 1st error message, I check OK and it goes away until I do another battery pull. I am no longer receiving the 2nd error message after a missed call, and the phone seems to be working as set in all profiles.

I have done numerous battery pulls, searched for both error messages on Google and the Forums site, changed batteries (although they all seem to be OK and charge normally) and was now hoping that one of you guys might have some insight to my problem. We newbies realize that you are all volunteers, helping us with our problems on your own time, and as always I TRULY THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME WITH THIS....

jaszman 10-20-2010 07:50 PM

The partial fix I thought I found (above) didn't work. Went back to SEARCH and found a fix posted in April 2009 by grfxguy. I dosen't exactly match the symptoms of my problem, or have the same failure message, but I tried it anyway, and it seems to have worked so far.

1) Start the Blackberry desktop, then connect the phone
2) Click on Backup & Restore
3) Click on Advanced
4) In the right hand window, scroll to Phone Log, then select it
5) Click the Clear button below the window
6) Click Return to Main Menu and Exit the program

Did the trick for me so far, and it cleared the 1st error message that I was still getting

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