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daroonigan 03-26-2011 07:42 PM

BB Pearl 8230 possible nuke please help.
I have a bb pearl 8230 flip and when I plugged the charger in yesterday in the mid afternoon and the screen went black and the red LED light came on as if it was trying to reboot, but after a minute or two it went off and the screen remained black.
From time to time the LED comes back on like its still trying to reboot but I never get anything but a blank screen.
I searched all over the internet and found out it may be nuked.
So I followed the process On Crackberry on how to fix a nuked BB and everything went well until the initialization step.
Once it gets to that step, it keeps telling me that it couldn't connect to my device and gives me the option to retry or cancel. I retried several times and changed USB ports and started the process over and did it with the battery out and still nothing.
I have no way to get a phone till August and trying it on a different computer isn't an option.
Any help or advice that doesn't include me giving up would be greatly apprciated, thanks guys.
Oh and I just remembered, I also tried Jl Cmder and that didn't work either.

Dubdub 03-26-2011 07:52 PM

Re: BB Pearl 8230 possible nuke please help.
What did you do just before plugging it in?

How much battery power was remaining when you plugged it in?

Did you try BBSAK (BB Swiss Army Knife) - use Google to find it. Sometime that will connect when DM will not.

Did you follow the thread in the yellow sticky at the top of the Help section on what to do if the device will not connect?

daroonigan 03-26-2011 07:58 PM

Re: BB Pearl 8230 possible nuke please help.
Right before I plugged it in, I was using BBM and had one full bar of battery left.
I haven't tried that because I wasn't sure if that was the same as the Cmder or not.
And I haven't checked that out yet but I will thanks!

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