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Default 8300

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Seems ATT and several other companies have upgraded there 8300's os to that.
What is weird is that 301 came MUCH after 314, i noticed 301 about a week or two ago and also weird that they wouldn't get the 314 latest version. im gonna see if there are any differences right now.
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Wirelessly posted (8700g: BlackBerry8800/4.2.1 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/102)

Go for it. Let us know what you find?
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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
Wirelessly posted (8700g: BlackBerry8800/4.2.1 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/102)

Go for it. Let us know what you find?
will do, im suspecting possible updates.
i remember reading somwhere that the 8320 tmobile os that was stock on the phone was differnt then the same number on the site. like exact same version number, but the one on the site had fixes lol. i think that might happen.
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ok well i got this:
these are all the java files of .314 and .301 compared. IF it says ADDED, it means .301 has it, NOT .314
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__hu.cod
CHANGED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__it.cod 1: 2784 2: 2676
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bbapi_pim_res__tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_crypto_resource__tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_help_gprs_c__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_help_gprs_c__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_help_gprs_c__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_help_gprs_c__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_help_gprs_c__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_help_gprs_c__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_help_gprs_c__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_help_gprs_c__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_help_gprs_c__tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_pt_br.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_lbs_resource_tr.cod
CHANGED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource.cod 1: 1992 2: 1868
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_ldap_resource__tr.cod
CHANGED: net_rim_bb_mms.cod 1: 173670 2: 172454
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_passwordkeeper_resource__tr.cod
CHANGED: net_rim_bb_phone_ptt_app.cod 1: 228874 2: 228870
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_qm_peer_resource_tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_resource__tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_bb_secureemail_help__nl.cod
CHANGED: net_rim_cldc.cod 1: 1246426 2: 1246322
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_crypto_resource__tr.cod
CHANGED: net_rim_locationapi.cod 1: 31224 2: 31308
CHANGED: net_rim_media.cod 1: 68828 2: 68968
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platformapps_resource__tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__af.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__el.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__no.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__sv.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_im_resource__tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_platform_resource__tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_runtime_resource__tr.cod
CHANGED: net_rim_se13nettable.cod 1: 46120 2: 45960
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_secureemail_resource__tr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_ling_data_arabic_eg_35k_2.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_ling_data_arabic_eg_ltr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_ling_data_russian_35k_2.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_ling_data_russian_ltr.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_transcoding_data_CP1251.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_transcoding_data_CP1253.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_transcoding_data_CP1254.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_transcoding_data_CP1255.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_transcoding_data_CP1256.cod
ADDED: net_rim_tid_dynamic_transcoding_data_KOI8_R.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_engine_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_engine_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_engine_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_engine_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__ar.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__ca.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__cs.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__he.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__hu.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__nl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__pl.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__pt.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__pt_BR.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__ru.cod
ADDED: net_rim_vad_resource__tr.cod
CHANGED: net_rim_wap.cod 1: 69408 2: 68612
btw the number 1: and 2: means size difference. 1: is .314 2: .301
those are the files changed or added. i couldn't upgrade, only downgrade, so i didn't feel like it really.
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scratch that, im 'downgrading' to the .301 os right now. lets see what it leads too
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waiting for final device initialization... starting lol.
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those are just multi languae files
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noticed that myself. well changed to .301. os seems much faster. doesn't lag hard at all.
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I just upgraded to .301. Not really sure if it's faster yet, and if there are any new advantages, but at least it works fine. Thanks for the find.
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