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markzonder 12-18-2007 10:55 AM

Gps 8310
I have problems using the GPS on my 8310, as home location it only shows the range of the next tower, I've activated the gps , I try to aquire a signal but it cannot find a satellite, my friends 8700 works without a problem here. I've tried blackberry maps and google maps, both with the same result - I've changed the application permissions of google maps, activated the gps etc... .

I've found some threads per google but all seem to end up without any result really.

Dubdub 12-18-2007 11:46 AM

Well the 8700 doesn't have GPS so I have no idea what you mean.

For GPS to work, you need to be outside, with a clear view of the sky for it to find and lock onto the satellites. You also need a BB dataplan for the maps to work.

When you open BBMaps or GoogleMaps, try to locate yourself as close as possible to your true location on the map. For the first time, it will take several minutes to lock on as it has to download all the sat data and orbit tables. Make sure you go into the map application's menus and start the gps as well.

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