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jzalkin 12-21-2007 03:05 PM

8320 observations and questions
New to BB from WM and just bought the Curve through T-Mobile for use at work. We switched from Lotus Notes to MS Exchange (with BES). Ironic that by switching from Lotus to MS I could not get email on my Wing (Lotus did server side automatic forwarding without IT administrative rights which allowed me to use the WM6 device)

The curve is great device and surfing the web is great with Opera Mini. The keyboard is snug, but the devise is sooo small. Hopefully someone can help with a few quick questions (searching did not get me the info I was looking for)

Main question:
- When the phone is plugged into the car via headset (aux input) jack and also hooked in through bluetooth. I can not take a call or intiate a call through the car. It works, but the sound does not work (can't be heard or hear the other party). If I unpluck the aux cord - works like a champ. Any thoughts?

- Is there a way to seperate podcasts from other music so the player does not play that genre only, but all others?

- Am I correct in noting that the media player does not save the place of last listenening (say in a long podcast) when the program shuts down?

- Is there a way to edit how many appointments on the homescreen (today theme) or change categories?

- When I have a missed call, it shows up on the homescreen as a message and call log. I assume the phone treats it as a message since once I click on the message, it is also removed from the call log sections. Seems really reduntant. Any better method?

Great device so far. Thanks for the help/comments.

- Handles email and contacts great
- Quick operation from program to program
- Good, not great, media player
- Despite what she claims: smaller is better.

- Lack of customizable (easily) homescreen such as WM. It is a take it or leave it affair - I think
- Media options are great for phone, but weak compared to ipod
- No HTML email (without paying 3rd party)

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