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hokey21 12-25-2007 04:28 PM

HELP!! Just got 8310...need help

i finally upgraded (AT&T) from my 8700c to a 8310. i have a couple of questions....

1) Is every person in my address book saved to the sim card or are some only saved to the phone?? I want to transfer all of them to the 8310 but don't know if all will automatically be transferred on the sim card or if i need to do something???

2) I backed everything up on my 8700c on the computer using blackberry desktop manager. Is it the same software used for the other words, will my information that i backed up on my 8700c show up on the 8310?? If not, how can I get everything from my 8700c to my 8310??

3) Is there any way to activate the internet etc. today or do i have to wait until tomorrow when the AT&T offices open at 7 AM??

Thanks so much for the help!!!

acnst 12-25-2007 04:51 PM

The addressbook is usually saved in the device memory and not on the SIM card. If you create the backup from the 8700 you can replay it on the 8310. Just make sure you are using Desktop Manager 4.2.2. If you restore the backup to the 8310 you will have the same data (addressbook, messages etc.) on the new device.

If you are using BIS, you have to insert your old SIM card in to your new device and make sure the device is connected to the network. Then login to the BIS website and switch the device. There is no need to call ATT to do the activation.

hokey21 12-25-2007 05:16 PM

thanks!! appreciate it!

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