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flatlined 01-20-2008 11:26 AM

Charging Battery on Curve 8300 Question?
Ok I've read the Blackberry FAQ and it saids to trickle charge, Th me you chare it the better. I did the drain the battery down 3 or 4 times and recharge overnight when I got it. I've was doing the trickle charge, charging it every chance I got. But the last few weeks I've been bouncing between the trickle charges and draining the battery down and recharge overnight, and I notice that my batter charges hold longer when I drain the battery down as to if I keep charging it all day.

Will this kill the battery faster? I let it go down to around 15% then charge it back up for acouple of hours or overnight, and it seems to last longer, as to when I charge it every now and then.


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