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MikeSS 01-20-2008 03:05 PM

Not recieving text messages..?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the problem I am having. I have went to the sprint store and they don't know what to do not sure anyone here knows but its worth a try. Ok so heres my problem.

I have a blackberry 8830 world edition and I am not recieving texts in my inbox on random texts for a while. It will arrive in my inbox at say 1:55 pm. I open the message and it says Jan 20, 2008 1:14:08. It makes sence because I sent the message they were to respond to at like 1:10, four minutes prior. I don't know why this is? Could someone please help me, it has become such a pain in the ass. Please help.


hotburnttoast 01-20-2008 03:17 PM

I have the same problem on an unlocked 8300, it will only receive text messages from TMO users, but not from any other carrier :x

ClnCutAmrcnKid 01-20-2008 11:32 PM

Apparently there is a huge transition in place. Many many carriers are having issues with text delivery. Either a technology change is happening or they simply cannot keep up with the rising usage of texts. But this is not an isolated case. It happens to me all the time.
Just let your carrier know so they can let the technicians know.

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