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bernie213 01-21-2008 03:07 PM

New BB MES Question
Ok, sorry to be one of those new users where their first posts are to ask a question. I did search throughout the site, but couldn't find a definite answer to my question. I am excited to find this forum and look forward to becoming a solid member.

Question: My company has 4 employees. I recently got a BB curve 8310 and am the only one in the office that has one. We use Microsoft Server Exchange, and with my position I must be able to access all email folders at all times. I have rules set up so emails are delivered to set forums, not the inbox. So obviously this is an issue with my BB.

What I need is access to all of these folders. I heard of something our company can get to add to our server, but our server is located out of the country, so the cost/time to do it is not worth it for one member.

What are my options? Is there a third party application that I can use? I would prefer not to use my browser, as I need notifications when the emails arrive. I was told by At&t that I can add something for $15 a month that will help with my MES email. Will this give me what I need? And will we have to configure our server for it?

Thank you guys for the help! This forum is great, and I look forward to helping future members with anything I can.

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