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ssb16 01-22-2008 07:15 AM

Bluetooth Synching Issues - 8300
HI Guys

Bluetooth is the only functionality not working well with by 8300. So far all the issues I have had have been corrected by many of you on the forum so thanks again.

Problem I'm having with this is as follows

1. Other Cellphones - it will not pick them up as a phone to share mp3's, photos etc. All my previous Sony Ericsson phones were able to do so but the Blackberry seems to be in a different format not able to recognise it. Any advice? I've read the Forum help where it says Turn Bluetooth to receive and it still does not work neither when you turn it on to send.

2. My BB 8300 thinks that my IBM T60 is an audio device and when connected will play all audio through the speakers. Neat feature but it does not recognise the data or the desktop manager at all. Anyone have this issue? DO I need to ugrade, update either one?

Thanks again in advance.

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