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zow 01-22-2008 07:33 AM

Contacts sync with yahoo
Have mastered my new curve (finally!) however i now have multiple contact lists in my BB haqving synched with my Yahoo contacts and having added data to my BB. Now I cannot use contacts at all, as it has two alphabetical lists, some with duplicate contacts. Have tried everything but cannot seem to get it right. I am desperate!!! Any help out there?

JSanders 01-22-2008 07:43 AM

Mulitple lists in your BB, or duplicate contacts? Are you only syncing with Yahoo contacts? You must have a setting in the sync config wrong,>

zow 01-22-2008 07:49 AM

I have multiple lists in my BB. a first kind of master list, then another small list also in alpha order. I have tried a number of ways to clean it up to no avail. i tried changing the sync options, deleting some etc but i think i only made it worse. this was after carefully rereading the instructions so no i am nowhere. if you have any advice i am all ears.

BlackShyft02 01-22-2008 08:20 AM

Easiest way to clean out your contacts is to go into your Desktop Manager.
- Open up Backup/Restore > Advanced.
- From Advanced you'll see a split pane screen. The left pain is what is going to be backed up from your device and the right is a list of the currently existing databases.
- Highlight on the right side your Address Book database and click the arrow in the middle pointing to the left. This will copy the information over and prepare it for back-up.
- Once the back-up has completed, hit the Clear button at the bottom to erase and clean out the entire address book database.
- After it's finished, it will ask you if you want to save the back-up you've created, say yes and check the device to make sure the address book has properly cleared out. Now, resynch the necessary contact information and you should be set to go.

JSanders 01-22-2008 08:47 AM

^^that is the best way.

zow 01-22-2008 08:54 AM

thank you....
....I have done as you recommended. I however have not been prompted to save the back up. It says "databases that are unavailable in the list have been configured for woreless synchronization or wireless backup and are read only. You cannot restore or clear them."

So now what do i do. My BB has indeed been cleared of all contacts.

JSanders 01-22-2008 09:06 AM

Proceed to sync your Yahoo back to the BB.

BlackShyft02 01-22-2008 09:25 AM

***DISCLAIMER: The below is if the Backup/Restore clear didn't fix the issue.... was on a call when I was writing this and didn't update/refresh the page.***

The quickest way to complete what you're indicating would be to rename your Research in Motion folder.

Go to My Computer > C:\ > Documents and Settings > Local Profile (Generally your Login Name > Application Data > Rename Research In Motion to old.Research In Motion.#DATE#

NOTE: If you can't see your Application Data folder, it's probably hidden. To view it, Tools > Folder Options > View > Hidden Files and Folders [Set "Show hidden files and folders].

Now, before synchronizing your device, you'll need to perform a security wipe to make sure all the information you have synched up to the device is properly erased. Some people think this is an excessive step, but with possible corruption of the address book effecting more than that, you'll need it to make 100% sure you have no other issues.

Security Wipe Option #1:

If you have a password on your phone, just enter it incorrectly however many times it takes to max it out and allow the device to wipe/erase itself. After the wipe has completed you can go ahead and synchronize it to your Desktop Manager.

Security Wipe Option #2:
Options > Security Options > General Settings > Password > Enable > Create.
- After you've created your password, highlight it and hit the Menu Key again. You'll now have the option to "Wipe Handheld". Select the option, enter "blackberry" to continue, and allow the wipe to complete.

Now you can go ahead and synchronize the device completely. Don't worry about backing anything up unless you have made changes or added items to your phone that you can't restore; at that point just back up only what you need and nothing more.

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