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Roll 06-28-2008 07:40 AM

Once again I come on my knees asking for assistence: calendar sync
I'm stumped.

My device was behaving okay after the separation from the BES but I had some residual junk showing in security setting on the Curve (8330) and so did the "remove IT Policy" procedure after pulling out a full backup including using the Transfer Device feature in DTMgr to back up all my apps.

Wiped the device and then did a restore; all of my calendar items appeared to come back and looked proper. Woohoo I thought. But..... the excitment was short lived. I can't sync properly now and in spite of hours and multiple approaches to get it working again, I can't make it happen correctly. By the way all the other items do sync; tasks, memo pad and Datavault.

It's a case of DTMgr not recognizing the calendar entries on the device (I think) and wanting to add them all again in the sync process. I tried deleting (after saving them to a pst file) all the "outlook" calendar entries on my PC and then setting the sync to write from the device to Outlook... no transfer happened, as if there were no entries on the device to sync. I restored the device again this time without restoring the calendar entries, (deleted them in the advanced screen). Then I restored the appointments in Outlook on the PC and set sync to write from Outlook to the device...Ah-ha I thought, this will do it.... but no joy. No calendar entries transfered. I found the appropriate calendar folder in the sync advanced screen and confirmed the program was set to pull dates from the correct folder; still no luck.

Any ideas.... Needing help.....



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