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Pltnmwiz 07-05-2008 08:38 AM

Sprint 8830 on TMobil
has anyone been able to use their Sprint 8830 successfully with a TMobil sim card and how

penguin3107 07-05-2008 08:40 AM

It's not possible.
The 8830 will not function on a GSM carrier within the united states.
The device does not support the frequencies used by T-Mobile US.

Pltnmwiz 07-05-2008 08:45 AM

Thank you penguin3107 for the info.

dankarlinski 07-05-2008 09:06 AM

Wirelessly posted (8320 Curve)

For future reference, the only devices that can be mixed and matched with carriers are att and tmo. And any of their other companier (I.e. Rogers, tmo Germany, etc.). Only phones that take SIM cards. Cdma carriers cannot be "unlocked" like gsm phones can

NJBlackBerry 07-05-2008 04:25 PM

The 8830 works fine with 900/1800.

However, North America uses 850/1900, so it is not usable on T-Mobile US, which was the original question.

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