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nanato 07-15-2008 12:16 AM

Call Forwarding - Authoriszation failed
went on holiday last weekend to outside london and on the way home after a quick last walk on the market i bought a blackberry 8310.

reaching london after recharge the batterie i put my old sim card which is on t-mobile inside and everything works fine but i can't make or receive any call at all .

whenever i try make a call i get " Call forwarding autorization failed ".

i try the webntalk and i can go on internet fine but can't make or receive call, same for sms.

i remove the sim and put it in my old nokia and it works fine ,i called t-mobile they said it might be problem with credit ,so i top it up and try again but still nothing.even the t-mobile 150 number not working.

Any suggestion or help will be very appreciated please.
thanks in advance.

my old sim is pay as you go not contract.

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