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sideways 09-11-2008 04:45 AM

Newbie-brill forum-help with b'tooth pairing
Hi everybody! This forum is soooooo good - well done all of you.:smile:
I've got a 8310 (Chosen for me by my office!) to replace HTC smartphone (how can they call it that? Used to lose 50% of calls just trying to answer. Not alone with this so obviously crap system). We bought 6 x 8310 with O2 and most of us are doing OK with the transition.
My immediate problem is - I have paired the BB with TomTom 510 without problem. However, it's irritating to have to pair using 0000 every time I get in the car. My other devices have always auto paired without having to get the phone out and tap in this password. I've searched the forum but can't see any solution. I've searched through the BB and it's menu's but can't find any setting I haven't turned on - any ideas?
One other prob... sorry to go on... but I've had probs when calling someone it seems to try to call then just goes back to phonebook and doesn't connect call. Also people calling me have had their call terminated for no apparent reason. I've taken battery out and re-booted but not sure if this is a real cure and is this endemic? When this has happened the signal strength has been fine both ends - checked when finally get through...
Thanks in anticipation...

dankarlinski 09-11-2008 09:13 AM

1. there is an option in the bluetooth menu for this... if you hit menu on the device(TOM TOM) and hit options i believe it is, (soorry i dont have my berry on me.) there is an option to "always allow it is underthe first option in that menu.

2. check for the newest software for your device 4.5.xx.xx (you get get it on the top (sticky ) of the parent fporum of this post.

tbird57 09-11-2008 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by dankarlinski (Post 1096210)
1. if you hit menu on the device(TOM TOM) and hit options i believe it is, (soorry i dont have my berry on me.)

What? You have committed a cardinal sin,you dont have your berry with you? That's like walking out of the house naked :smile:

sideways 09-11-2008 11:45 AM

I have the 'always' allow option selected - that's why I was surprised I have to keep putting the 0000 into the phone...
The software seems to be v4.2.2.181 (Platform maybe I'm looking in the wrong place - told you i was new to this...
That seems a long way off the number 2.5 something you've sugested... this was supposed to be new equipment and we bought 6 of them!
From things I've read I'm a bit wary of downloading such fundemental things as different software up and down grades. Is this likely to creat problems with warranty - I already have reliability problems with calls not getting through or I get cut off before it even dials the number I'm trying to call.
Great getting a response though so many thanks so far...

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