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beprahst 11-12-2008 03:18 PM

Switching Browsers with OS4.5
Sorry if this has been asking...searching yielded a ton of results and couldn't find it. But...

I'm on OS4.5 on BES and BIS....I leave the default browser set to Internet as most links in emails I get are to Internet not BES/Blackberry. But when I get a BES link to a URL, I used to copy it, then go to the browser (via a convenience key), select go to, paste the URL, then select change browser to the BES browser.

Now with OS4.5 and the reconfig of the home screen, switchi browsers is no longer a menu option directly. The only way I can see to do it now is via the Options, General Properties, Default Browser, change it, and save.

Seems like it got clunkier not having the menu option. Am I missing something? Maybe someone thought this was an improvement.

Any way to separate the browsers with different icons where I can atleast call up a non-default browser with a different convenience key?

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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