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Raucko 11-25-2008 05:55 PM

HTML -- One email with, one without
I am only getting HTML support with one of the two email accounts set up on my 8310 (OS4.5, AT&T, BIS).

I've tested this by sending an HTML email to both accounts. When I open the email received by account A, the HTML shows fine. When I open the email received by account B, it's not in HTML.

I've got my Email settings set to enable HTML, I've tried re-sending my service books, I've tried deleting my service books and then resending, and I've tried deleting then recreating the account in BIS. Nothing has worked.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Motorcycle Mama 11-25-2008 07:58 PM

Is HTML enabled for BOTH email accounts on the phone?

ndub33 11-25-2008 08:19 PM

Are either of your e-mail accounts on BES?

Raucko 11-25-2008 10:42 PM

Neither is BES, and both had the HTML option set. Somehow, though, after having waited a few hours both are now processing HTML correctly. Not sure what happened, but all seems to be fixed.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Raucko 11-26-2008 12:47 PM

I spoke too soon. Today neither of my email accounts are working with HTML. I don't get it.

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