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tls1 01-17-2009 05:08 PM

BB 8310 won't turn on - help
Hi all,
It won't turn on.

I was reloading the OS when there was a fatal error pop-up. Now it does not work.

Upon connecting the charger the red light goes on for about 20 seconds then it turns off.

It will not get recognized by the BB desktop manager.

I tried the Loader.Exe /nojvm and battery trick with no success. Maybe the process is a little different for a 8310?

No backlights or anything. No beeps or buzzes :(

Any help is appreciated.

tls1 01-18-2009 08:26 AM

More details about loader /nojvm

If I have it disconnected from the computer and I pull the battery, upon replacing the battery the red lights goes on for a few seconds.

If I am not fast enough to plug the USB cable the red light goes out. But if I am fast enough then the red light stays on for much longer.

Sometimes the BB Device Manager icon (in the sys tray) will hang around until I unplug the USB cable leading me to believe there is some brain activity even if the heart is not pumping.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated (good or bad)...

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