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rahul79 02-10-2009 01:21 AM

Custom word list from 8100 to 8320
So, I changed devices from tmo 8100 to tmo 8320. I did the Switch Device and followed instruction.

However, from the backup, I have a 900 words custom list on the curve. As the curve has a full qwerty, i do not need the custom words.

Any help on how to delete them?

P.S. I have tried going under backup, then advance, and then tried clearing it, but it does not work.

Thanks in advance.

akosnitzky 02-10-2009 05:34 AM

Wirelessly posted (Its All About the U!)

Hmmm. That's the way I would do it. You are confident you did it correctly.
Cleared the list and did a refresh?

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