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cfaulk8 02-18-2009 06:03 AM

phone replacement
Verizon sent me a new phone because the latch that opens the back cover on my old phone was broken. I used the "Backup and Restore" feature of the Desktop Manager to transfer my information from the old phone to the new phone. Although all my messages and general phone settings were copied successfully to the new telephone, NONE of my third party applications were copied over to the new phone. :? What can I do to get these applications to copy over as well, without having to go back and individually install them from scratch?

VIOLATOR 02-18-2009 06:17 AM

How do I backup my Third Party Applications on my BB? - BlackBerryFAQ


Dubdub 02-18-2009 06:40 AM

Some 3rd party apps are PIN specific so that you will need to reinstall and re-register them with the developer. Could also require a new activation code.

cfaulk8 02-18-2009 08:21 AM

"Get Images" option missing
Since I got a replacement phone, the "Get Images" option is missing from the pop-up menu that I get when I click the menu button with an email open. How do I turn this feature back on?

dankarlinski 02-18-2009 08:49 AM

re-send your service books. also, make sure that you have 4.5 on the device. below 4.5 cannot have HTML email.

cfaulk8 02-18-2009 09:39 AM

re-sending the service books worked. (y) Thanks dankarlinski!

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