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mel66 02-19-2009 12:32 PM

moving icons
Hey, this may sound like a really stupid question.... but I just got my Blackberry yesterday and know very little. I noticed when I got it that the hilite on the icons was very faint... then SOMEHOW I managed to hilite the icons to yellow to enable them to be moved, which I did. But now I can't get the yellow off and can't access my menu key - when I press it all of the options I get are move, hide, show all, add folder and switch application, which all still relate to moving the icons. I believe this spotty menu button is supposed to give you the general options for the phone, like volume, language, etc??? Please let me know if I am completely off the mark and if not please tell me how I can fix this! Thanks!

Motorcycle Mama 02-19-2009 05:01 PM

On the Home screen (the one with all the icons), you will not get phone options or anything else like that. You will get exactly what you are seeing. Move, Hide, Show All, Add Folder.

If you UNCHECK "Show All", those icons that are grayed out will be hidden. If you want to MOVE and icon, you highlight it (with the Yellow) and press the Menu button and select "Move". Then you roll the trackball to where you want it to go and press the trackball. Repeat as needed.

If you want to get to the OPTIONS screen, you need to go to the Options icon. It looks like a Wrench in most themes.

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