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roveer 02-22-2009 02:45 PM

Seidio is stepping up for 8350i (in my opinion)
When the 8350i first came out there were few if any accessories for it. We got the BB cases (one thin blue and thick black) for both our phones and while the blue was pretty must useless the black worked well. Only problem is that it added a LOT of bulk to the phone, to the point where other non 8350i BB users started making fun. The other issue with the big black BB case is that there was no holster/clip for it so you were left carring it around. To it's defense it would protect the phone from a pretty good drop. I then got a OtterBox defender. Great case, protection out the gazoo and a clip holster to carry it on your belt. My problem with the Otterbox, just a bit too big for me. (Anyone interested in mine, PM me with an offer, it's pretty much brand new (2 weeks of use)).

So I ordered a seidio innocase II / clip combo. Seidio now calls this the innocase surface. It adds only the smallest addition bulk and fits in it's clip like a dream (to me at least). I now think I have my 8350i solution. They also have a few other pouch, holder solutions for those who just don't like clips. Scroll to the bottom of the 8350i selection to find the combo items.

After adding the 16GB SDHC card throwing a bunch of MP3 on there, and adding slacker radio I got the Seidio 2.5 -3.5 adapter to use my own headphones. Seidio delivers again.

Finally, I just saw they will soon have a drop in nightstand charger that is capable of charging even with the innocase. Just what I was looking for. I think this rounds out my wish list of accessories for my 8350i. While Seidio is not the cheapest in the world, they do seem to be delivering just what I want and it's clear to me at least that they take the time to engineer the product specific to the device. The fit of the innocase was pretty darn good and I'm very happy with the minimal additional bulk it added. My only critisism on the innocase is the finish and how "holdable" it is. I think I'm still getting used to it after having the big bulky BB Black case. The innocase is not rubbery like the BB case so there are times where I find myself almost losing grip of the phone when psyco texting or emailing (all you adicts know what I'm talking about). Again, I think it's just something I'm getting used to and not such a big problem at all.

Thanks Seidio for stepping up and fully supporting the 8350i. As soon as the charger base ships, I'll be putting that on my night stand and can say so long to fumbling with the mini-usb every night, especially in the dark.


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