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gcloss 03-25-2009 09:40 AM

Email Reconciliation
I'm having problems reconciling email with the BES server. When I go to Options, Email Reconciliation the screen is blank. Any ideas?

jsconyers 03-25-2009 09:41 AM

Welcome to the forums.

Have you tried removing the battery for 30 seconds (while the device is powered on) and then checking the option again?

gcloss 03-25-2009 09:45 AM

Yes I have many times.

jsconyers 03-25-2009 09:46 AM

What OS are you running?

When did this begin happening?

Do you have any other (BIS) email accounts on the device?

gcloss 03-25-2009 10:10 AM

I have one BIS email account on the BB. OS The problems started when the BB was connected to Desktop and an update was performed.

jsconyers 03-25-2009 10:15 AM

Do you know what update was performed?

Have you tried resending service books?

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