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lovesthebb3 07-07-2009 04:42 PM

Desktop Manager
I have an AT&T Curve 8310 and have no problems using my blackberry desktop manager. My wife has a T-Mobile Curve 8320 and it always gives me problems. Many times when I plug her phone in, the desktop manager doesn't even recognize her phone. The computer makes the appropriate hardware recognition noises, and the phone itself asks me if I want to turn on Mass Storage Device, which I either ignore or select "No". The Desktop Manager, however, does not read her PIN number at the bottom of the screan. Does anyone have any advice?

I originally was having to use Desktop Manager 4.6 but I just switched to 4.7 and it seamed to work, but not it is not.

Also, can I install two different Handheld Software's on my computer or will that confuse the Desktop manager?

I was wondering this because we obviously have two blackberry's in the house and I have originally been using two different computers for two different blackberry's but i was hoping to use one computer for both. Any suggestions?

CO_BBTechie 07-07-2009 05:10 PM

You can certainly use one desktop to manage both BlackBerry devices. The Desktop Manager works with the PIN number and will differentiate the two.

Does the problem device use a password? If you are not entering the password on DM when connecting the device, this would cause the symptoms you're seeing.

What happens if you DO enable mass storage? Is all well?

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