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Spursman 07-17-2009 12:24 PM

E-mail Problem
Blackberry Curve
NTL E-mail
e-mail server
e-mail server type IMAP4
Port 143


I am having a problem with my e-mail on my blackberry

I am on a e-mail list consisting of about 9 people, we e-mail throughout the day and notch up about 120 e-mail a day.

At the start of the day I can receive e-mails fine on my phone… then after about 50-60 messages I get a automatic e-mail saying that my inbox is full and I should delete messages. every time someone sends me and e-mail I get the same inbox full message from NTL.

But… my inbox is clear.. also when I delete messages of my blackberry I also choose to delete of the pc at the same time so how can I be running out of space?? it manages to send me hundreds of the inbox full messages so must be some space.

called orange and they said it might be something to do with the phones memory, I doubt it coz like I said I delete messages as they come in.

I can send e-mails fine.

any ideas??

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