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Tragic 08-22-2009 09:23 AM

Error 507, software won't load
I've got a Sprint Curve 8330, I had it locked and a friend typed in the incorrect password multiple times and the wiped itself. In the middle, he removed the battery during the wipe and when he put the battery back in it gave jvm error 513. Loaded JL_Cmder and used it to reset to factory defaults. Now it has error 507. So I tried to load the software in the the Apploader (loader.exe) and it won't load. It detects it and the ESN (USB:PIN) shows up but it won't load. It just says "The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have tghe BlackBerry Device Software for the device that yhou have connected to the computer. Coontact your wireless service provider or system administrator. The thing is, I already loaded v4.5 on my computer already and updated desktop manager to 4.7 and it can't load it with that either.

My previous curve worked with no problems. I know this curve has a different SKU and the ESN is a little different, plus it already came loaded with 4.5 and my previous one had 4.3. Did blackberry put a block on the new ones or something?

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