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jkotsonas 10-30-2009 10:42 AM

Odd rebooting/crashing behaviour
Maybe someone here has some experience w/ this.

I have and end user w/ a T-Mobile 8320 Curve. The device keeps crashing, but only at certain points in the day.

The EU had the wifi connection enabled along w/ the mobile broadband. I googled and found info that that might be the cause, but after a week of having the wifi not connected, the device is still rebooting.

There are no apps installed that didn't already come w/ the device.

The EU did purchase a Plantronics Bluetooth headset (appears to be a Z109), and Bluetooth has been enabled.

The pattern is that, mainly in the afternoon, whether the EU is in his car, or at home, the device will reset - as if you've removed/re-inserted the battery.

It has yet to reboot here @ our home office, or in the morning. Just in the afternoon - again, mainly either in the car or at home.

If he's talking on the device via the BT headset, it doesn't reboot. It has rebooted multiple times when the device is just sitting there (in his car) idle (w/ the BT headset connected & BT enabled). It has rebooted multiple times at home, again just sitting there idle (w/ the BT headset connected & BT enabled). And it has rebooted when he's attempting to compose/reply to an email, also w/ the BT headset connected & BT enabled.

He dropped off the device and I have, connected to his BT headset, but after an hour I've yet to recreate his issue. I've let it sit, I've composed test emails etc... but no luck.

I figure the best plan of attact, if I can't recreate this, is to have him not enable bluetooth and/or use his headset. But if someone out there has any experience w/ this issue, I'm def. all ears.



Daughain 10-31-2009 06:13 AM

There is a question involving ambient power lines and/or powerful transmitters causing issues. I dont have any specific experience with this issue, but, proximity to both can have deleterious effects on electronic devices, especially as they tend not to be shielded from ambient spikes in those frequencies. Does your EU live or pass by anything like that during his day?

monkeypaw 10-31-2009 10:30 PM

Maybe the battery. If it's draining down during the day, that might be why it's not doing anything early in the day, but does so later.

Another thing is on earlier OS versions, the 8320 seemed to have some problems with non-paired bluetooth devices in the area. It seemed like it would keep trying to communicate anyway, which would drain the battery. I haven't tested since going to 4.5, but maybe it still does that.

I think I'm starting to have problems with my 2 year old 8320 battery. It has rebooted while running slingplayer for just a little while, and the battery shows 2/3 full when it comes back up. I can run that while on the car charger for hours without problems. That's a high drain app so I think the battery is getting too old to deal with that drain.

jkotsonas 11-02-2009 10:59 AM

Thanks very much for the replies.

Regarding the power lines/transmitters... possibly. He has attempted multiple routes home, and it's occurred regardless of the path he takes. Being in the Bay Area, I'd imagine that there's plenty of lines & transmitters available that could cause this if the device is susceptible.

For the OS/Battery - the device is on, but the battery strength is a good call.

I need to follow up w/ him so I'll posit both of your suggestions/info and we'll see what happens.

Thanks again!

- Jim

jkotsonas 11-02-2009 11:39 AM

Update - so it appears that the Bluetooth may be the issue here. I had the EU turn it off (in Manage Connections), and the device was fine.

Once he turned it back on, it started rebooting/crashing again. It seems to crash predominantly in his car, and per the earlier reply, I checked and the battery strenght is at 92%, so that doesn't appear to be involve.

It doesn't appear and one can uninstall "Bluetooth" (it's not listed under applications), so I may either just re-install the OS, or contact T-Mobile and see what they say.

jkotsonas 11-09-2009 01:09 PM

Update for those interested...

Device still crashed only when the BT headset was attached. T-Mobile had me first reload the OS, which didn't work. They then had me wipe the device and reactivate it. That too did not work.

They then replaced the device. Handed it off a bit ago and so far so good - it hasn't crashed yet.

Thanks again for all the replies/info!

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