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dogluverz1 11-18-2009 01:55 AM

another smiley face on blackberry screen problem
hi everyone! I'm new to this forum :)

well I've been having a lot of dumb questions about my curve and whenever I search my question up online, I always look at search options from this forum! I have a kinda big problem now that I don't think anyone has asked before on this particular forum.

so today I saw that my phone had a smiley face on it so I checked my voice mail and I had a message. I deleted that message and when I disconnected with my voicemail, the smiley was still there. usually a smiley would have a 1 next to it or something but my smiley is by itself. and I realized that this smiley stops all texts coming into my phone. I can send texts but can recieve any. wat do u guys think happened and how can I fix this problem??

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