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FerretDefunct 12-27-2009 11:48 AM

Help with Blackberry 8310 Gaming (Newbie)
I recently picked up an 8310 from a relative that decided to go with a simpler phone. I don't currently have a data plan (and don't plan on getting one any time soon) so I've been tinkering with games and apps downloaded via my PC and uploaded with the Desktop Manager. My question is: I've noticed on nearly every game that I've played seems to have a blank white bar down the left side of the screen that is unused. In addition to this I've also found that many of the games controls do not match those listed in the games references, meaning that I sort of have to mash buttons until I found out what each does.

At first I wrote this issues off to my downloading software meant for other models, however I still noticed the problems on software that explicitly said it was for 83XX models. I'm assuming the white bar can be remedied by tinkering with the screen orientation in some way? I expect I'll just have to live with the goofy controls. In any case I would really appreciate anybody that could spare the time to throw some info at me regarding this, thanks.

tsac 12-27-2009 12:00 PM

Welcome to the Forums

You did not mention if these games were intended to be played on line. If so without a Data plan they may not function correctly.
list the games and maybe someone will have more information about this issue.

FerretDefunct 12-27-2009 12:05 PM

To my knowledge none of the games are online, I've haven't seen any attempts to access any network resources or anything. A few of the games I've tried so far are:

Metal Gear Acid
Kane & Lynch Dead Men
Castlevania - Order of Shadows

As well as a few other Bejeweled / Tetris knockoff types.

tsac 12-27-2009 12:22 PM

I did some searching and find some people are having issues but it may be dependent on the level of Os on your handheld. Various problems seem to have been cleared by upgrading to the OS level these games were intended to run on. You might try downloading the most current OS fro your BB and reload the games. Another post mentioned some type of link required for validation to use the games. Not sure if that is your issue.

FerretDefunct 12-27-2009 12:32 PM

Thanks for the quick replies, that's more than I was able to turn up. As far as the OS version I'm using the most current available (v4.5.0.182). The validation thing that could be the problem but it doesn't sound like it, I'm not noticing any sort of request or attempt to access anything online. The games seem to play just fine despite the white bar and screwy keys.

tsac 12-27-2009 12:39 PM

Try a Google search with one of the game names be sure to include blackberry in the search requirement. you will find many references to the games both working fine and some with issues. Maybe you can zero in on something you see and what other have found and offered. good luck

FerretDefunct 12-27-2009 01:13 PM

No real luck on searches, only thing I seem to be able to turn up is places advertising the downloads of these games. I'm out the door to work but I'll try searching a little more when I'm off, thanks again for the input.

FerretDefunct 12-28-2009 10:37 AM

Still no luck on finding a solution to this. I have noticed when searching for games and such I've seen some that are marked "no white bar fix needed". This would lead me to believe it's not just isolated to me and that there is some work around to resolve it, assuming it's the same type of white bar. As far as the control issues I've found most of the games use the number keys to operate, so NUMLOCK works fairly well with that. The only issue is the games also use other keys so I'm switching back between NUMLOCKing and the regular keys often, kind of an inconvenience but I can live with it.

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