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TattedGurl4 04-17-2010 01:48 AM

Help w/8320 on TMobile-Not My Phone
I was given this phone by a friend bc her bf is going to be away for a bit and won't be able to use his phone. She gave it to me in hopes that I would be able to unlock it and have my bf use it. When she gave it to me she wiped out all of the data (or at least I think she did) by going through the options screen. My question is will the phone still work/be able to be unlocked after wiping out all of the info? Also, my friend's bf is unable to call his provider in order to cancel the line. Is it possible to not only unlock the phone, but also use an entirely different phone # with it. It sounds to me to be a far stretch since the line hasn't been deactivated. I'm hoping someone in his fam will be able to take care of it, but I'm looking for any info from you guys.

Sorry the post is so long...its just an all around complicated situation. Thanks in advance for any replies!!

MidnightDraven 04-17-2010 05:53 AM

Wiping the info, wipes the data inputted by your friend, it does not affect the phone's ability to be unlocked.
Secondly, its a GSM phone, therefore uses SIM cards. Using a different sim card with a different number is entirely possible. As the phone isnt locked to a number.

JSanders 04-17-2010 07:19 AM

Wirelessly posted (9520 / MF231)

You will also need to to call the previous carrier which the BlackBerry was connected to and ask that the PIN be released from that account IF you plan on using email and data.

kellyjdrummer 04-17-2010 11:20 AM

This isn't a solution, but do you really think it's worth the hassle. It wouldn't be for me, but to each their own.

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