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bberry_bill 08-08-2010 08:30 PM

How hard is it to transition from 8330 to 8530?
Hi - My 2 years on my Curve 8330 (VZW) are long since up and I'm thinking of treating myself to an 8530. My understanding is that the only downside is the lack of camera flash, which seems dumb, but I can deal.

But how hard is it to move over?
-SD card - I think this is trivial
- address book - ditto
- 3rd party apps - (all purchased through handango) do I have to re-purchase them, or ? (I assume i have to re-install them all, one at a time (sigh).
- General settings (profiles, ringtones, browser favorites, Email preferences, etc) - do I need to re-program by hand?
- theme - I found an unusual theme that some guy did that displays all icons as text - I'm guessing i have to hope I find another (or SOL) if I switch?

what am I forgetting?

I mean, to be honest, every time I think of all this, and the fact that I'm not really unhappy with my curve, I decide to stand pat - a bit surprising that RIM has set things up that way - doesn't sell any HW for them..


JSanders 08-08-2010 09:58 PM

SD Card. No problem. If you happen to notice any severe lagging or such, read this link.

Address Book... and all data on your current device, use the Desktop Manager > Switch Device Wizard.

You shouldn't have to repurchase them. At the seller's site, you should be able to request a PIN change with the new device PIN. I know allows this, not positive about handango. Some apps do only allow a device purchase and may have to be rebought for a second device... depends on the developer's policy.

Theme - Find that same developer again and see if he has the 8530 version.

You'll miss 3G on the 8530, but the WiFi is nice. If you want both 3G and WiFi, go for the 9650.

The Curve 8330 has been the best selling smartphone across the board for many quarters. It's a good device. But you'll see marked improvement in speed with a 8530 or 9650.

SoccerRef12 08-09-2010 08:35 AM

SD card no problem.

Contacts, emails, etc - use Desktop Manager to back up all your data and then there is an option to switch devices.

You should be able to use BB Swiss Army Knife or BB Master Control Program to back up 3rd party apps then restore them to your new phone.

Caution on 3rd party apps and themes: going to BB 8530 will mean that you are going from OS 4.x to OS 5.0. Your theme probably will not work and a few, but not many, of your apps may not work.

mIQ Live 08-09-2010 06:52 PM

8530 is pretty sweet, from personal experience, I would suggest the upgrade. (I am on wifi a lot of the day, and don't recall a time when I have actually taken a pic at night.) Great device!

I wouldn't let the actual act of switching phones make up your mind for you. Today it is lot less daunting to switch between phones...

Hope you decide to treat yourself! Good Luck

bberry_bill 08-10-2010 08:26 PM

Hey -thanks guys.

I'll have to go look at BB Swiss Army Knife or BB Master Control Program. They sound like more powerful (and maybe free?) replacements for Desktop Manager?

Also - when you say "I'll miss 3G" - I don't think the 8330 has 3G - I think you're saying that if i upgraded to a higher end phone I would get it? I'm actually ok with my speed, except in my house (but WiFi will fix that).

Handango gave me new codes once (via email) when my 8330 died under warranty and was replaced. - I didn't know they would do it for a device change.

I'll also check out Mobihand for the future if they make it easier.

Thanks for all the data, now I have to go learn

(oh, and the reason I'm not going for something higher end is that I like my BBs small and light 8-] )

juwaack68 08-10-2010 08:35 PM

Um, OP, is this also your thread?

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