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65k312 08-31-2010 11:26 AM

SMS notifier
I don't have a data plan but read that you can forward your emails from your gmail account to your phone, so I did it. I also did it for my yahoo accounts (only 2 of them so far), I am having problems getting rid of the little snippits of my SMS texts in the notifier (I am not sure if it's the theme I am using or if it's just the phone).

I started doing the forwarding last night, I just it all update (gmail said it could take up to about 2 days to complete the whole forwarding so the latest email account I just let it do it's thing). As of now I have to turn off my BB and then take out the battery, wait about 10 sec. and then put everything back and turn it on. It works BUT I'm not into doing this all the time to get rid of them. It stays even after I have deleted the SMS texts.

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