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65k312 09-20-2010 01:03 PM

Problem with bb8320 uma/and reg serv. provider
I have been using UMA a lot since I found out about it but only at my house (which is the perfect use due to my house being VERY poor in reception). A little while ago, maybe a week, my UMA started acting up. It would drop calls, then my connection would be very poor. At first I though it could be my antenna, I was watching on how to take off the U clip/Antenna clip on phone and tore the goldish looking thing a little where one of the clip posts snaps in by (hope that makes sense).

I googled on a solution and tried looking into it. I found on the TMobile site (my carrier) a couple ways to see why it isn't working. I go into my Mobile Network Options and find that it reads

- Data Services - On
- Connection Preference - Wifi Preferred
- Mobile Network - AT&T
- Network Selection Mode - Automatic

I tried to changed the AT&T to TMobile but there isn't an option for that. Also having further messed with the settings, my wifi won't initialize nor will my actual carrier network. Instead of TMobile at least being on the home scree, I get "Initialization Failed". :x:?

I'm stuck and don't really know what/where to start to fix the problem ... besides going to a TMobile store.

65k312 09-20-2010 04:45 PM

well they fixed the reg. srev. provider problem, said it was the SIM card. As for the UMA, for some reason I'm outside my house and I have TMobile in place of the AT&T, ten when I'm inside the house, I get AT&T, and I still can get the UMA to work like it used to. Anyone know of something to help me with?

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