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ambyboombastic 11-12-2010 10:10 PM

Refurbed Blackberry Curve 8330 App Error 523
Hey everyone.
I'm VERY new to blackberry. I bought a refurbished phone from ebay when my other one died. LOOKS like it's in great condition.

everything was fine until my next billing cycle (yesterday/Thursday) when I added all the extra awesome features. I woke up to an "App Error 523 RESET"
i thought it was just what happens so i reset it. since then i've reset it more than 12 times. I came on here and read to take out the battery, then even wiped out my whole handheld. I didn't have any software with the phone so I downloaded the desktop manager from the blackberry site. I'm still getting the message.

What do i do? My carrier is Sprint. is this phone defective?
v4.5.0.186 (platform crytographic kernel v3.8.5.32a

i read about OS but don't think my phone is new enough for it.

help :(

Dubdub 11-13-2010 08:35 AM

Re: Refurbed Blackberry Curve 8330 App Error 523
If it were me, I would use the SEARCH feature or read the FAQ to find a solution quickly.

What should I do with App Error 523? - BlackBerryFAQ

Most likely you need to wipe the device with Jl_cmdr and reload the OS.

See the FAQ for Jl_cmdr instructions and the yellow sticky at the top of the 8300 for the latest OS for your device and instructions. The OS is device specific, meaning it has to be an 8330 OS. Follow the directions EXACTLY and be patient. It can take an hour or longer.

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